Authorized vehicles: standard passenger vehicles including automobiles, passenger vans designed to accommodate ten or fewer people, motorcycles, and pickup trucks with payload of one ton or less.

Restricted vehicles: recreational vehicles, motor homes, camper trailers, camper vans, boats and the like.

Prohibited vehicles: (a) commercial type vehicles (for example, stake bed trucks, tank trucks, dump trucks, step vans, concrete trucks, and limousines), (b) buses or vans designed for more than ten people, (c) vehicles with more than two axles, (d) trailers, (e) inoperable vehicles or parts of vehicles, (f) aircraft, (g) any vehicle or vehicular equipment deemed a nuisance by the board, and (h) any vehicle not classified as  Authorized or Restricted.

Note: the forgoing is a summary. The CC&Rs ARTICLE 3.27 take precedence in case of a conflict.