Barry Berkus, AIA

Our community was designed by world famous, Santa Barbara based architect Barry Berkus. One of his desires as he designed outstanding homes was “To create a house that is art, not just shelter… gives dignity to the people who live in it and creates a quality of life above what they would find anywhere else.”

Barry Berkus was responsible for over 10,000 unique residential designs implemented in 600,000 homes worldwide. What makes Barry Berkus communities so unique and so successful is his unwavering commitment to surrounding homeowners with beautiful architecture and natural surroundings. All placed in a way that encourage community members to venture out of their homes, walk the tree lined streets and mingle with their neighbors. He built communities, not just housing.

Barry Berkus is one of the most honored residential architects of all time. Known as a man of immense generosity and character, here is just a sample of his many awards and accomplishments from such notable organizations as Architectural Digest.

  >  10 Most Influential Architects of the 20th Century

  >  World's Top 100 Architects

  >  100 Most Influential Individuals in American housing in the last 100 years

  >  Designed entire villages in Japan

  >  Designed residential villages for Euro-Disney

  >  Designed athlete housing for the 1984 Olympics

  >  Designed Park Imperial South/Chalet Palms in Palm Springs

  >  Over 300 design and planning awards

  >  Author of several books on design

Videos About Barry Berkus

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