From the CC&Rs

These are the parking rules as they appear in the governing documents:

Garage Parking: residents must keep their "Authorized" and "Restricted" vehicles parked within their garage at all times when not in use. Each garage must be maintained to be able to accommodate two vehicles.

"Prohibited" Vehicles: may not be parked, stored in the garage or kept in the Community except for brief periods for loading, unloading and making deliveries or emergency repairs.

Long-term Driveway Parking: When two vehicles occupy a garage, permission to park additional resident vehicles in the driveway must be obtained from the Association. The Parking Permit form may be completed online sent to the Property Management Company. Upon approval, the applicant will be notified. No physical permit or sticker is issued. This approval will be issued only for an "Authorized Vehicle". Approval to park "Restricted" or "Prohibited" vehicles in the driveway on a long term basis will not be granted.

Temporary Driveway Parking: may not exceed 72 hours for "Authorized" vehicles and 12 hours for "Restricted" vehicles.

Parking of "Restricted Vehicles": for more than twelve (12) hours anywhere within the Community is prohibited.

Resident Overnight Street Parking: is not permitted for "Authorized" or "Restricted" vehicles.

Guests Overnight Street Parking: is allowed for up to 72 hours is allowed for passenger vehicles. A Guest Parking Pass will be issued if you have a guest staying more than 3 nights. No physical permit or sticker is issued.


Authorized vehicles: standard passenger vehicles including automobiles, passenger vans designed for ten or fewer people, motorcycles, and pickup trucks with payload of one ton or less.

Restricted vehicles: recreational vehicles, motor homes, camper trailers, camper vans, boats and the like.

Prohibited vehicles: (a) commercial type vehicles (for example, stake-bed trucks, tank trucks, dump trucks, step vans, concrete trucks, and limousines), (b) buses or vans designed for more than ten people, (c) vehicles with more than two axles, (d) trailers, (e) inoperable vehicles or parts of vehicles, (f) aircraft, (g) any vehicle or vehicular equipment deemed a nuisance by the board, and (h) any vehicle not classified as  Authorized or Restricted.

Note: the forgoing is a summary. The CC&Rs ARTICLE 3.27 takes precedence in case of a conflict.