CC&R Reminders

Your cars must be parked in your garage. If you have more than two cars, see the Parking rules in the CC&Rs.

Please remind your visitors, guests, and especially service providers, of the 15 MPH speed limit. Those who live on or near Tahoe Circle will thank you.

Pets are not allowed inside pool or tennis court fencing or in the waterways or ponds.

Social Media

Next Door

Los Lagos has its own section on NextDoor.com which features news from Los Lagos and neighboring communities. NextDoor has Classifieds, Crime & Safety alerts, Free Items, Lost & Found, Recommendations and more — all of interest to Los Lagos and neighboring communities.

It's free, but you have to register at NextDoor.com.


We have a Facebook page at Los Lagos, Indian Wells, Ca. You don't need a Facebook account to visit, but you do need one to post.