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Architectural Review

All requests for Architectural Improvements of any nature should be submitted on an Architectural Variance Request Form. These include, but are not limited to, structural changes, changes visible from common areas, exterior lighting, glass tinting, rain gutters, patio covers, antennas,etc. Approval of any application by the committee does not waive the necessity of obtaining the required City of Indian Wells permits. Standard changes for roof replacement will not require Association approval.

Landscape Change

With the exception of seasonal flowers, no trees, shrubs, bushes, etc. may be planted in the common areas without prior association approval. Citrus trees may not be planted anywhere. Prior to removal, permission to remove trees or plants from property in view from the common area, or in the common area must be obtained. Submit requests on a Landscape Change Request obtained from the Property Management Company. Courtyard and atrium weeds, clippings and other pruning debris in small quantities may be left on the mats used by the landscapers each day. Homeowners are responsible for disposing of large quantities of yard debris.

Please look at the Plant Palette. It contains pre-approved Ground Covers, Ornamental Grasses, Shrubs, Succulents, and Trees — over 100 in all.

Paint Colors

The approved paint colors for Los Lagos are available from Dunn Edwards at Washington Street and Country Club in Palm Desert. The Board has a complete set of all the color palettes available, and maintains a master plan of the colors on homes as well as the history of color changes.There are some restrictions in choosing a new color — you can’t choose a color that your neighbor is already using, for example.

It will speed up and simplify the process if homeowners contemplating new paint contact the Architectural Chairperson directly to start the process. Please start by completing the Paint Request Form.

Committee Chairs

Architectural - Ilayna Turcott

Landscape - Dave Howard

Fill out the Forms Online Using PDF Filler

Architectural Variance Request

Landscape Change Request

Note: The form will open in a new window. You can fill out all or part of the form, and when you have finished, a PDF will be saved to the Downloads folder on your computer. It will have a numeric name such as 37679.pdf.

Not a computer Expert? The simplest approach is to Print the form, and scan it together with any attachments. Then return the package to either the Architectural or Landscape committee via email. Or drop it off with the Committee Chair. Or mail it to:

     Los Lagos HOA

     Avail Property Management

     51350 Desert Club Drive - Suite 4

     La Quinta, CA 92253

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